My current PhD research examines how learners’ native language influences the way they learn foreign-language vocabulary words. Specifically, I’m focused on how the typological relationship between people’s native language and their target second language affects their lexical development in the second language, a topic which I examine through large-scale learner corpora.

Below, you can find a list of my publications, together with some selected conference presentations. These publications include research on topics that I’ve dealt with in the past, such as the optimization of learning and teaching techniques, where I also used theory and experiment-based methodology, in addition to corpus-based research.

Refereed Journal Articles

Shatz I. (in press). How native language and L2 proficiency affect EFL learners’ capitalization abilities: A large-scale corpus study. Corpora.

Shatz I. (2017). Fast, free, and targeted: Reddit as a source for recruiting participants online. Social Science Computer Review, 35(4), 537–549.
Journal, ResearchGate,, PDF

Shatz I. (2015). The negative impact of goal-oriented instructions. Educational Studies41(5), 476–480.
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Shatz, I. (2014). Parameters for assessing the effectiveness of language learning strategies. Journal of Language and Cultural Education, 2(3), 96–103.
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Miron-Shatz, T.*, Shatz, I.*, Becker, S., Patel, J., & Eysenbach, G. (2014). Promoting business and entrepreneurial awareness in health care professionals: Lessons from venture capital panels at medicine 2.0 conferences. Journal of Medical Internet Research, 16(8), e184. *These authors contributed equally.
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Other Publications

Shatz, I. (2017). Native language influence during second language acquisition: A large-scale learner corpus analysis. Proceedings of the Pacific Second Language Research Forum (PacSLRF 2016) (pp. 175–180). Hiroshima, Japan: Japan Second Language Association.
ResearchGate,, PDF

Shatz, I. (2017). Optimal phrasing of instructions in language-learning tasks [in Hebrew]. Hed Ha’Ulpan Ha’Hadash, 106, 73-78. Tel Aviv, Israel: Ministry of Education.

Shatz, I. (2015). Using color coding techniques when teaching Hebrew as a foreign language [in Hebrew]. Hed Ha’Ulpan Ha’Hadash, 104, 34-40. Tel Aviv, Israel: Ministry of Education.

Shatz, I. (2015). Using gamification and gaming in order to promote risk taking in the language learning process. Proceedings of the 13th Annual MEITAL National Conference (pp. 227–232). Haifa, Israel: Technion.
ResearchGate,, PDF

Selected Conference Presentations

Shatz, I., Cohen, E. G., Bat-El, O. (2018). Selective, error-based learning in the acquisition of native-language phonology. The 34th Meeting of the Israeli Linguistics Society, Tel Aviv, Israel.

Shatz, I. (2017, February). The influence of initial weights in gradual phonological learning. The 33rd Meeting of the Israeli Linguistics Society, Ramat Gan, Israel.

Shatz, I. ( 2016, September). A study of the crosslinguistic influence of learners’ native language during second language acquisition. The Pacific Second Language Research Forum 2016, Tokyo, Japan.

Shatz, I. (2016, September). How L1-L2 similarities and differences affect interlanguage errors during L2 acquisition. The 16th International Symposium of Processability Approaches to Language Acquisition (PALA), Tokyo, Japan.