Policies and Disclaimers

This page contains the various policies and disclaimers which apply to this site (itamarshatz.me).

The short version is what you would expect of a basic personal site: the information on here is (generally) written by me, I take no responsibility for what you do with it, and I collect no special personal information besides what you would normally expect (i.e. anonymous performance data and security-related data).

If you have any questions, you can contact me through any of the methods listed on the contact page.


General Disclaimer / Disclosure Policy

This site is maintained by me (Itamar Shatz), and all the content on it is written by me, unless specified otherwise. I take no responsibility in any way for the actions of those who read it, and I am also not responsible for the publishing of content from this website on other sites or media.


Privacy Policy

I don’t store information about your visit to this website. The only exceptions are these:

– I might use cookies to analyze users browsing patterns. This data is anonymous, and it is retained indefinitely, though you can avoid having it collected by modifying the relevant browser settings.

– The site’s security system collects background data about visitors, in order to check for malicious activity and protect against it. This information is retained by them for 14 day.

– If you send me anything via email or through other messaging systems, then obviously I’m retaining that information.


I reserve the right to update these policies and disclaimers, and if I do, then I will update the following date, to reflect the date at which I made the latest change: June 12, 2018.